Folded Mini

The summer mini I showed you over a month ago was very picture heavy and minimal on “deep thoughts” — kind of like, “my life, the lite version.” I also at that time had this little folded mini I was slowly filling with thoughts, or song lyrics, or scripture verses that I felt really struck a chord with me during the late spring/early summer.

While I keep a journal that I write out my thoughts in very long and rambling sentences, I liked this more “artsy” way to collect and gather thoughts that just didn’t have anywhere else to go. A dash here, a fragment there — but I love it this way, because it really gives me a little glimpse of this period in my life. Somehow a tiny little collection of randomness gives me a very clear picture of me, during spring & summer of 2009, age 25. Here are some pages from that journal; you can click to enlarge and good luck with trying to read my writing! : ) There are more personal journaling sections I’ve left out, for good reason. : )

I really like how it turned out, and I am looking forward to doing another one! Just need to find (or make!) a new empty “book.”


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