10 Ways to Use a Mini

At a lost for how to exactly use a mini-scrapbook? Think the pages are too small to fiddle with? Wondering what can you do with one? Here is a list of ten ideas for minibooks:

1. Focus on a season, such as fall, winter, spring, and document happenin’s in your life at that time. Check out my summer mini 2009 for ideas.

2. Use a mini to cover a shorter span of time: a week in your life right now, a day in your life right now, or even one afternoon!

3. Make a mini out of your current top 10: top 10 favorite things in your season of life; or your top 10 favorite foods; favorite traditions; favorite ways to pass time.

4. Make a mini out of a special event, such as a birthday, a party, a dinner you hosted, an engagement, etc. Include all the little details that might get overlooked if you devoted only a 12×12 page to the event.

5. Make a gift for someone — grandparents, in-laws, a best friend far away, a child or grandchild; or make a mini about someone–sharing your heart, your memories, what that person means to you, etc.

6. Make a travel mini! Document a roadtrip, a weekend getaway, a trek across Europe or that time you went camping. Keep all the ticket stubs, receipts, restaurant menus to tuck among the pictures. (or if you went camping… a leaf? a twig? a brochure about where you went?)

7. Use a mini as a goal-keeper, a list-keeper, for your upcoming year, season, or month. Elise Blaha does a very popular to-do list each year. Check out her one for her 24th year.

8. Keep track of your current favorite homecooked meals; find creative ways to write out the recipes, where you found it, why you like it, how often you cook it, on what occasion you cook it, etc. It would be fun to look back 20 years from now and see how your tastes have changed!

9. Use a minibook as a mini-journal, scribbling down random thoughts of your life that might give you a deeper picture of the things you were going through at that time. Check out my folded mini to see what I mean.

10. If you have a spouse or a child, consider documenting what your relationship is like right now. What are you favorite things to do together, right now? What holds your relationship together? Why do you love them? What things do you love about them? What are you favorite pictures of them? Then give it to them for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc.

11. BONUS: Thanksgiving is coming up! Why not make a mini documenting the things you are most grateful for? Have fun the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving gathering pictures or things that remind you of your blessings, and on Thanksgiving Day, take time to look through it and really meditate on all that you have!


One response to “10 Ways to Use a Mini

  1. Thanks for all the great ideas!

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