Awaiting Anna Minibook

** This is MAJORLY picture heavy! **

I want to share with you my very favorite minibook. It was the first minibook I started, but the latest one I finished. I stalled for a while there, because I was too afraid of messing precious mementos up, so I never glued anything down or punched holes or decided how to layout these little treasures. I am a HUGE memory-preserver. I want to remember little details, especially about my pregnancy with Anna. So before I even knew minibooks existed, I kept a random assortment of sentimental things from my pregnancy with Anna in a ziplock bag. When I first learned about minibooks, I felt the swoosh and click: I knew what I wanted my first attempt to be.

So here is the (HUGE) final product! I love it so, so much. {Click to enlarge each picture}

Paper is a discontinued My Mind’s Eye line called 29th Street Market. My hometown has one tiny “scrapbook” store (I don’t count Hobb Lobb) where I purchased a ton of this paper right before Anna was born. I love it, and still have some left, and still plan on using it for other Anna-centric minibooks. Words on the front are Thickers. That pretty blue frame in the middle picture is a Hambly elegant frame rub-on in teal.

Throughout the minibook, I scattered different envelopes and placed within letters I wrote to Anna during my pregnancy. I often communicate my feelings and thoughts best in writing, so I wrote quite a bit to her over the months. I wanted her to have something someday where she would never doubt how much Rust & I loved her and looked forward to her joining our family.

I had an 8.5X11 engagement picture leftover from wedding stuff. I turned it into an envelope (middle picture) and stuck a picture of our house (which we bought when I was 3 months pregnant) with some comments about our “first home.”

Some of the pages are out of order. Sorry! The fun bracket-shaped page in the middle is from MM’s Noteworthy Spiral Journaling Book.

Love the note at the top–hastily scrawled in my journal the first day I felt Anna move. The labels you see throughout the mini (like in the middle picture above) are free printable vintage brown labels from JustSomethingIMade. The ugly green notecards are verses I prayed for Anna when I was pregnant. That funny picture is from one of my best friends–she sent it to me along with a preggo pack (see next collage); it’s her kissing my belly when I was 12 weeks. So funny!

In the middle picture–Transparency is a Hambly pink onesie. I love transparencies! They add such a layered, textured look to pages. I only buy them on clearance or if I happen to have a gift certificate, though–I can barely justify it any other way! : )  Next door to the transparency is my old “pink card” — my doctor’s office gives them to you to keep in your wallet for the duration of your pregnancy, in case of an accident or something. It keeps track of your weight (eek) through pregnancy, your blood pressure, the baby’s heart rate, etc.

The bottom left-hand picture are lyrics of a modern-day hymn we chose for Anna, Grace upon Grace by Sandra McCracken. It is a fitting song for her, since both her first and middle names are all about “grace.”

That small pink bow — oh, how I love it! The nurse on duty made those out of ribbon for the baby girls and Anna always had one on when the nursery would return her to us.

WHEW. I am EXHAUSTED after uploading all of these pictures!! : ) But here it is, almost every page of my Preggo mini. I am already saving stuff for this current pregnancy, too! But now I am going to go lay down for the remaining time Annahead is napping!


15 responses to “Awaiting Anna Minibook

  1. I love this so much!! Thank you for sharing it

  2. Wow~~ This one is beautiful!!! I think it is my fav!

    Idea: Have you ever thought of tying a whole bunch of ribbon in little knots around the spiral clips. I’ve seen it done somewhere else, and it looked really cute!

    Love you!

  3. I love this! I want to see all these mini books in person! Hopefully by this summer!

  4. Lacy, I LOVE your minibooks! How long does it take to make one? I bet you are pretty fast now.

  5. so sweet! Anna will love that one day 🙂

  6. Katie ~~ I have seen it before! I am too stingy with my ribbons to use a lot on mini’s! But I do think it looks good. 🙂 ALSO –> yes, yes, I totally remember “Hi Honey” and when I read your comment I about spit my biscuit all over the computer. How could I forget that??

    Megan ~~ This one took several days, maybe even a week?. When I make an “empty” mini (like to give away) it takes about an hour. When I make a mini like this, though, with all the pieces & parts, I really take a lot of time because I want the mementos to match perfectly with the paper & etc, so I am so careful & it takes a while!! Getting started is the hardest part but once I get in a groove it is hard to stop!

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