Fall 2009 Folded Bracket Mini

A nauseous & exhausting first trimester thwarted any minibook plans I had for fall, Christmas, & winter. I had begun this bracket folded mini, but for five months left it in a drawer by my bedside. When I felt so much better during the second trimester, I pulled it out & finally finished it.

Honestly, I didn’t spend much time on these. I developed a handful of Walmart 4×6 collage photos, cut them up, and journaled right onto the paper. Not many labels, no fun embellishments, not much creativity.

But Fall 2009 was a season I wanted to record.

The cover of this mini is a heavier cardboard–probably an old cereal box I cut down to size. I chose the bracket shape because it’s different, fun, and elegant. It seems really popular now to do the bracket shape. I can see why.  : )

For the papers I made several differing sizes of full bracket shapes. I made the empty mini so long ago, I really can’t remember how I did it. I finished it April, and thought that the unofficial start of summer 2010 was a good time to share about it. : )


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