What Did You Say mini?


While we were in the hospital, Anna stayed with my parents overnight for the first time. We have just never had a reason to have Anna spend the night anywhere else, when she wasn’t with us. It was also going to be the first time Anna spent all-day with someone other than me or Rust.

She is a little chatterbox, but she doesn’t always pronounce her words clearly. It can lead to some confusion. So I decided to make a little miniature guide for my parents to “help” them figure her out! One thing about toddlers… the only way to cancel their repeat button is to acknowledge whatever word or phrase they are saying!


This mini is bite-size, about 3 1/2 by 4 inches. I cut the paper to that size, selected the pictures I wanted, & using Photoshop Elements, I correctly sized the pictures & inserted my text on the pictures.

I printed the pictures on my home printer, so the quality isn’t the greatest. My goal was just to have a project to work on before Noelle arrived! : )

The paper is from a K&CO paper pack, Wild Saffron, which I love & which makes its way into many projects I do.


I know many of these pictures look overexposed… it’s the picture I took of the picture, not the pictures themselves.

You might think you’ve seen this mini before. I did a mini, a year ago, when Anna first began talking called “Words You Say.” Sadly, I never kept adding to it like I originally intended. She just began to acquire more and more words faster than I could keep up!


I hoped it helped my parents decipher Annaisms! It will be fun for me to look back years from now & remember how she said certain words.

Of course, once I was finished I thought of a million other words I should’ve included, but when it comes to the toddler language, you just have to draw the line somewhere. : )

She does say “cookie” and “cake” really clearly, though…


3 responses to “What Did You Say mini?

  1. This is completely adorable and what a great memory to keep!

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