Pre-Labor Project: Digital Mini-Album

I really enjoy fiddling around with text + graphics in Photoshop Elements (can you tell?), so while waiting for Noelle to arrive I decided to give “digital scrapbooking” a whirl. Yes, digital — everything (“paper” & pictures & embellishments) is on the computer, which you arrange to your liking, then you print it out or develop it. Sounds easy, right?

It wasn’t for me! I think it was just so different from working with paper & pictures that are in my hands. I just love paper, holding it and cutting it, and arranging it. But I am glad I tried it, and I am looking forward to trying another album!

I made this 6×6 album for Cheri, my mother-in-law, because she doesn’t get to see Anna as much as she likes due to work + distance! Here are some of the best pages.

I used a combination of free digital scrapbooking kits: Bohemian Summer + Wild Sorbet.

If you search, you can find many free digital scrapbooking kits. I found some I really, really like that reflect more of my “style” of papers + scrapbooking. I am excited to give it another go!

Have any of y’all done digital? What do you think?


7 responses to “Pre-Labor Project: Digital Mini-Album

  1. I know Cheri must love this. You have beautiful girls, I’m glad anna is enjoying being a big sister.

  2. this is soooo good Lacy

  3. What a great idea – thanks for sharing! I didn’t know they had these – I like this so much more than regular scrapbooking b/c this comes easier to me for some reason. Your book looks great btw! I love it!

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