Peptalks Mini


The week after Noelle was born — the week Rust was home — I was actually pretty productive. I made this tiny, tiny mini (2.5×2.5 inches)because I wanted to remember little “peptalks” to tell myself whenever Rust left me alone all day and went back to work. : )

I think I just need to have some sort of crafty project to work out as an outlet, especially in times of major transition. And adding a little one to your life is a major transition! I really enjoyed making this. I made this in Elements, adding photos & stamps to the little pages. The base for the pages free online graph paper you can make & download here — seriously, so cool!


The fonts I used for this: Bandung Hardcore, Capture It, Cheri, Crass, Datura, Love Letter TW, and Birth of a Hero. {Hi, I love type fonts.}

I also printed out & cut to size some blank pages so I could add more inspiring drops of wisdom as I thought of them. : )

{I will say, for Anna the statement “The first five weeks are the hardest,” was true. But for Noelle…it felt like week 5-6 were super hard, week 7 & 8 has been wonderful, and I’m hoping week 9 will be even better!}


2 responses to “Peptalks Mini

  1. praying for you…you should make those and sell them. i would LOVE to give them to my friends having babies! maybe in your spare time:) haha

  2. those are too cute! i agreee, you should sell them to mommies!

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