Spring 2010 Mini


Before Noelle was born, I had gathered all my supplies & pieces to work on a spring 2010 minibook. It was such a fun season for me — I was feeling so much better — and I felt like I had many good memories of it. So I wanted to document it. I really, really love doing seasonal minibooks.

With a gift certificate, last year I had purchased a collection pack from BasicGrey, Origins. It was full of greens, browns, yellows, whites… perfect for spring!


Like I said, before Noelle was born I went on a minibook-making spree and made the shell of this one, complete with thick cardboard covers and too many pages. Seriously, what I was thinking? I made so many I couldn’t possibly fill them.

This empty minibook, along with my craft bag, just sat abandoned in the early summer months. I just didn’t really feel inspired to make the minibook, though I had everything… labels, pens, pictures developed…


Once Noelle was born, I really wanted to work on something. So, for an entire month, every other day, I’d do at least one page of the minibook. It was a long work-in-progress.

The more pages I did, however, the more I got into a good rhythm & the more inspired I felt to complete it.


I have a love-hate relationship with this paper line. It’s double-sided, which I realized I LOVE for minibooks because I don’t have to glue paper together; on one side of the pages are there great graph papers… like above. GREAT for journaling on!


4 responses to “Spring 2010 Mini

  1. Will you come live with me and do a mini of my life? Pulease?!

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