HOME mini


Hello, I’d like for you to meet one of my favorite mini’s, HOME. This mini is all about the sentimental, little things that make our house our home. The base of this mini was purchased from Cindy Ruijgrok’s Etsy shop (now inactive). All the pictures were developed by scrapbookpictures.com (also now closed). First, though, I sized them to 4×4’s, then used a really fun online instant photoediting site, Rollip.Com. Rollip has 50 free instant effects, most with a great vintage feel. That’s what I was going for with these — I wanted the photos to look older, vintage. After that, I did the fake through-the-viewfinder effect  then sent them off! I love, love, love this mini. It is the story of our home & the small details that have become familiar and meaningful to us. I wish I would have done minibooks three years ago, because I would have totally done one for our first apartment (which we still drive-by and wave at, we loved it so much).


The butterflies in the photo below were punched from our paint swatches we saved from when we chose paint colors, with the paint info listed beside it.


I just watched the latest CSI episode, and the statement by good ol’ knowledgeable Langston Hughes really caught my attention. The episode was about a “hoarder.” Here is what he said at the very end: “He [Fromme the philosopher] believed that human beings had two basic orientations: having and being. Now a person with the “having” orientation seeks to acquire & possess things, property, even people. But a person with a “being” orientation focuses on the experience. They derive meaning from exchanging, engaging, and sharing with other people…” – Langston, CSI episode “House of Hoarders”. He goes on to talk about how our culture is geared towards creating those who would rather “have” than “be.” Very interesting, considering I made a mini about our possessions!! Heeh!!


6 responses to “HOME mini

  1. Thank you for sharing!! Great idea and very insightful quote…so glad you were fresh pressed…love your blog!

  2. I love how your mini journal turned out!
    Looks great!

  3. Lindsay Bledsoe

    When I read this post I love it but it made my heart hurt, because we are now leaving our first home. I loved your idea and it sparked an idea for me to take a video tour of our home, before I packed it up, and mention all my favorite things and memories. Thanks for sharing!

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