Tweet Baby mini

When I was pregnant with Anna, I purchased this little 4×6 photo album from a local boutique in my town. I never used it.

When Noelle was born, I had so many pleasant memories surrounding Noelle’s birth (is that weird? probably) that I wanted to put them in a little book. I thought this album was perfect for that.

I alternated 4×6 pictures with scrapbook paper cut to size. I journaled right on the 4×6.

The paper I used is an old, hard-to-find collection called On a Whimsy that I bought on clearance maybe a year ago. The paper is very different from my usual tastes, but it’s fun & childlike. {See more paper here.}


2 responses to “Tweet Baby mini

  1. robinsonhomesweethome

    Loved this! I loved reading some of the little pages. So sweet Lace 🙂

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