Sweet Treats Minibook

A few months ago I finished up this short & simple minibook — it’s just recipes + pictures + little comments of our favorite sweet treats from 2010. I love incorporating recipes & menu’s & favorite foods into minibooks because I envision looking back through this in ten or twenty years, rediscovering long-lost recipes we no longer cook. I imagine exclaiming with Rust, “Oh, I forgot we used to make that all the time! That was our favorite!”

I have only been married four & a half years! I really didn’t start cooking until then… so I have only been finding recipes & cooking for a little over four years… can you imagine having a cooking history of ten years, twenty years? All those recipes to try! That’s exciting to me. : )

I think my  mom influences me in this area. She LOVES to cook & bake & make wonderful things. It is so fun to hear her talk about recipes she’s been making for twenty years, or recipes she rediscovers that she made when her & Dad were first married. I love the thought of chronicling through various means (cookbooks, minibooks, etc) your “cooking history.”

I love this little minibook. I bought it from Etsy seller, Cindy Ruijgrok, who incorporates binder mechanisms into her minibook kits. I love her stuff & have to resist buying all her mini’s. : ) You may remember I used one of her kits for my Home Minibook.

This kit is gray + yellow — right up my alley!




Thanks for looking!


2 responses to “Sweet Treats Minibook

  1. We don’t do boot camp either! They wear diapers at nap time and bed time and I just don’t care at all. Most of the time they don’t go in their diapers at nap time but I’m not willing to risk it right now cause it would be one more big thing to deal with in a crazy afternoon. Glad Anna is doing well!

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