2010 December Daily

I finished, I finished, I FINALLY finished my 2010 December Daily chronicling EACH day in December. Whew. This minibook is a monster–easily the thickest, chunkiest minibook I’ve made to date. I love that about it.

My goal for this book was simply: get it done as fast as possible. Isn’t that terrible? I spent very little time on making it look embellished, decorated–I just mostly layered constrasting or complementing papers, made sure I had the number, then journaled either on label stickers I printed out or right onto the paper.

Papers were a mix of Basic Grey’s Fruitcake paper (love love love) I purchased even before I ever scrapbooked (why? why did I buy paper so long ago before I ever did anything with it?), plus single-sided Christmasy paper from Hobb Lobb (which I bought years ago, too), plus I cut pages from a gift bag & a Trader Joe’s shopping bag (pictured above–lower right).

I was very unorganized with planning this mini. I spent days editing pictures, then getting them developed, but I chose random, varied sizes for all the pictures… some were 4×6, some were 5×7, some where 5×5… some were collages of various lengths & heights. This did not make it easy on myself AT ALL when piecing this together! I had to get creative, which is honestly not what I wanted: I just wanted to get it done, not sit there & make a million decisions about which way to glue & cut & arrange pictures.

Anyway, I’ve already decided for next year: 1) I won’t do an overly-ambitious “December Daily” that covers every day in December! 31 days! Not again! 2) I will either do a winter season minibook (much like my other seasonal minis) or one focused on Christmas, but VERY free–no pressure to chronicle/journal everyday, no pressure to have a million pictures.

I sound rather whiny about this book, don’t I? I know I was under no obligation to make or even finish it–but I really wanted to get it done (though I did grumble about it quite a bit!) & I’m hoping in 5 years it will be worth it. Ha! I think that’s the first minibook I ever thought that about. Anna loves it, though, and has looked through it many times (note her little paw in the above photo).

Some different things I included in the minibook: Christmas lists, gift tags, drawings Anna did, Christmas cards people sent us plus our own Christmas card, list of our Christmas books, our favorite Christmas carols/hymns/songs, our “Eve Before Christmas Eve Feast,” & the invite to the tacky Christmas party we went to this year.

And that’s it! Thanks for looking. : )


5 responses to “2010 December Daily

  1. LOVE IT! Mine is finished, I just keep putting off photographing it. I like your idea about a winter mini and not doing every single day. I felt like some of my pages were forced because I was “supposed to” do each day.

  2. Oh my gosh, Lacy!! This is beautiful! I’m sure it will be way worth it in 5 years, 15 yrs and even 20 when the girls are getting married. I’m envious of your dedication! Again, great job!

  3. You are SO SO talented!

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