Stories from my Cellphone Vol. 2 Mini

Isn’t it pretty amazing that almost every cellphone comes with a tiny camera? Are you like me, and do you enjoy taking spontaneous, everyday photos with your camera? My point&shoot and my dSLR aren’t always readily available as I’m “going through life” with my family, but I pretty much always have my cellphone nearby (even if I forget & often leave it on vibrate & miss calls!), so over the past 3 years, I have used it to capture random –but very special or significant– moments in my life.

And, if you are like me, you may have switched phones a few times. I have ended up emailing the photos to myself, but then what? What to do with a random assortment of photos taken over the span of a year? All the tiny cameras on my phones have been poor quality, so I knew I’d never want to enlarge them… soooo, I decided to make a tiny minibook for these tiny photos! And this is the the result. {Click to enlarge.}

I very much enjoyed making this minibook! It was very fast to put together. I sorted & then sized all my cellphone pictures in Elements to 2.5×2-inches (yes, very tiny), then printed them all out on cardstock, cut them out, dated & ordered them, and began putting them in the minibook.

And from there, I used sticker labels I designed & scraps of paper to make very, very simple pages — again, my style is pretty much relying on words + pictures and not much else! I loved looking back through these & journaling my thoughts about this rather random assortment. I took pictures will my cellphone camera both times Noelle was in the hospital, and while that may seem weird, I am so glad I did… I took pictures of spontaneous outings I had with just Anna, a rare occurrence that I wanted to document… pictures of Noelle on the monitor & her sleeping habits… I really love all of these–truly daily snippets of our life throughout 6-7 months.

This minibook is 3×6-inches — the perfect size! I used some of my favorite, favorite paper — For the Record, by a newish paper company called Echo Park  Paper.

When I first got this paper, I went on a 3×6-inch minibook making spree. So I have another empty one o’ these, too, just waiting for the next round of stories from my cellphone. : ) I just love using a mini this size for a variety of projects… you could develop wallet-size photos, you could print out your Instagram photos for you iPhone users {is it bad the ONLY reason I want an iPhone is all the cool photo apps?}, or if you have the awesomely tiny new instant camera, Instax, you could easily house those in there!

Just so happens when I go on a minibook making spree, I make in abundance: there are two mini’s in the shop for sale featuring this shape, size & paper — Just Want to Say & Put a Bird On It.


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