Stories from My Cellphone Vol. 1 Mini

Earlier this week I showed Vol. 2 of “Stories from my Cellphone.” Today here’s Vol. 1. I worked on both of these simultaneously. This minibook is still 6×3-inches, except I turned it horizontally. Whereas Vol. 2 covered pictures from my cellphone since Noelle was born, Vol. 1 are pictures taken from 2.5 years ago — starting when Anna was an infant. I love these pictures! {Click to enlarge.}

Again, amazing that a cellphone camera has captured significant events in my life… that just looking at these, I can clearly relive specific moments. Like above–one of the only times Anna took a bottle in her life, right after the emergency ectopic surgery I had when Anna was only five months old. When i was recovering, Mandy came over with John {who was also 5-6 months} to help me since I had to rest in the bed.

Or like above: the first time Anna sat by herself in the shopping cart {at Food Lion}. Or the very first full movie she watched on a “down” day I was having – The Sound of Music. Or our first family vacation to D.C. for Chris {Rust’s brother} & Mia’s wedding, and we stopped at Subway to eat & laughed the whole time because A wouldn’t stop staring at the other people, we could barely get her to eat.

I’m glad I put all these random cellphone pictures into minibook form–both volumes are so fun for me to look through. These were soooo easy to make, too, one of the quickest & simplest minibooks to date!

This paper is from Crate Paper’s Restoration collection — my favorite, favorite paper line. I just keep coming back to this paper! You may remember I used it in my Summer 2010 minibook.

If you’re interested in trying a sleek & slim minibook to house cellphone pictures, wallet-size, Instagram, or Instax — well, there are two minibooks using this same paperline in the shop: Simply Put & Journal.

Thanks for looking!


3 responses to “Stories from My Cellphone Vol. 1 Mini

  1. I have to ask…is that your real handwriting or a computer font? If it’s your handwriting wowsers, I’m so jealous.

    • Hah, yes it is. Your comment made me laugh because Rust has often called from the grocery store trying dismally to decipher my handwriting!! But thanks.

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