Anna’s Summer Minibook

Anna sees me making minibooks for gifts for friends & for the shop quite often, so much that sometimes I catch her lining up papers declaring, “I’m making a minibook for…” and she usually fills in a friend, like Josiah, Mrs. Alicia, Candace, and so on. Since she’s enjoyed pretending to create little paper books, I thought it would be fun to do one with her!

I created several summer minibooks for the Approach the Light event + the shop but kept back one for this very purpose! I love the bright, vivid colors of this paper — a perfect fit for Anna’s year-round “summery” personality.

This process, of course, is pretty simple on Anna’s part. I got everything ready for her — assembled the book, printed & cut the pictures, and even layered some onto plain cardstock for variation. I let her pick the pictures for the pages & glue them on (using a glue stick) & then tell me what the picture was about or what it made her think of. Her attention only held for about ten minutes –enough to do two pages, and I helped myself (I can’t resist) to doing two pages for her, too. : )

As the summer goes on, I will print off more pictures for her & help her add to her little book! She really liked making one of her own. Can’t wait to see how this little project with my daughter progresses! {See Part Two here!}

{If you like these papers, there are three of these summer minibooks in the shop!}


4 responses to “Anna’s Summer Minibook

  1. I love Anna’s minibook, she’s such a big girl! And I like the new editions to your shop! I still have yet to fill my other one up 😦 need to do that!

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