Love Letters Book

I have, for the meantime, finally finished a long-in-process {big} mini scrapbook. I have been working on this one for at least two years; I never felt inspired to work on it because, to be honest, I didn’t like the original paper I had chosen for this project. However, I happened to win an awesome paper kit from my favorite paper company, Crate Paper. And it just-so-happened to be one of my favorite collections of theirs, Portrait! It was perfect for this project.

This one is called Love Letters, and it is a very precious house for all the letters between Rust & myself. We only exchange letters a few times a year {mostly around the Big Events in our lives — anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays, on the birth of our children, etc.}. Some years we have been better about giving these expressions of love; other years, we haven’t done so well making an effort to communicate in writing our inner thoughts about our marriage.

Up until now, we had been storing them in a box by Rust’s side of the bed, and we rarely ever went back and read them. I wanted to give them a special place, all together, in order — a place where it would chronicle our relationship only in letters + some pictures, our own telling of our love story, but also easily accessible.  I hope we go back and enjoy the letters more often, now. : )

In my head, I consider this “Volume I” covering letters from our first five years of marriage (July 22!). It includes all the letters in envelopes of various colors, shapes, and sizes — vellum, pink, red, white, black. Interspersed throughout are random pictures I had of Rust & me {not our best ones, but that’s okay}. They were stuffed in a drawer, so I figured — why not use them & this pretty new paper I had? I also printed out some of my favorite quotes from our letters onto vellum paper & mixed those throughout, too.

Ahh, all in one place. Hopefully I won’t look back in five years and think, “Why did I do that?” Hopefully in five years, I will be finished “Love Letters: Volume II.”

Where do you keep your love letters? I really want to know! : )


4 responses to “Love Letters Book

  1. We keep our cards to each other in a photo box in a closet. I still have cards and notes from when we first began dating 10 years ago.

  2. That’s a sweet idea…we actually have them tucked in our bibles, but our bibles are starting to look like a file folder from the notes, letters, or favorite sermons. We have some free pages in the back of our wedding album so I might put them there for the time being. I like the 5 year book idea…thanks for sharing.

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