What Did You Say? minibook

One of my favorite projects I did before Noelle was born was a tiny minibook for Anna’s most common words at 19-20 months, called “What Did You Say?” I love love love watching my girls’ language develop, and I love the odd ways they have pronounced words & phrases as they learn to speak.

Rust and I have found ourselves quoting Anna’s toddlerish phrases she used back when Noellie was a newborn even now, almost two years later. There’s “shekabebbe” for “Check on baby” and “nuss her” for “nurse her” that we’ve repeated to ourselves over and over. : )

Anyway, I couldn’t resist the urge to make one with Noelle’s cute pronunciations while we waited for Cate’s arrival.


Here’s just a glimpse of some of the pages. Super easy and super not stressful to make!

Paper is one of my favorites, Crate Paper’s Portrait collection! Yum!


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