Nine Months ’til Noelle Minibook

It seems crazy that Noelle is three months shy of being a two-year-old! I love watching this little sweet  girl blossom & grow, talking more and more and just becoming her own little person.

I made it my goal before Cate’s arrival to complete Noelle’s preggo minibook. I did it, whew! I love the paper and color combo (gold + turquoise!), and I remember how I lovingly and happily gathered all the gold + turquoise paper supplies I could find before Noelle was born. Then… I never did her book! Cate’s impending arrival spurred me on to finish it, and I am so glad I did! : ) (Here is the one I did for Annalou!)







I love the paper. It’s from a discontinued line called from Cosmo Cricket called “Everafter.” As always, I cut so much paper that I had enough leftover to make two empty minibooks for the shop update this summer/fall!


3 responses to “Nine Months ’til Noelle Minibook

  1. I LOVE your “awaiting” mini-books! Such a wonderful time (expecting a lil one!). I love the reference to Braddock! 🙂 So sweet. Btw- I am still trying to do Braddock’s!!! I think about it a lot and take notes… maybe I’ll pull it out this weekend while Ryan’s out of town. Oh and I took pics of Savannah’s finished mini-book to share w/ you!

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