Hey there!

I am so excited to finally have a space for all my minibook projects (and hopefully in the future, paper + craft + decor projects, too!). I plan to use this new blog to show how I have captured my “small hours” through mini scrapbooks, as well as in upcoming posts how to do so yourself! I have so many ideas, so I am looking forward to sharing them with you all here.  🙂

I have been blogging on my (now private) family blog since 2008. I have been making minibooks since 2009. I opened up my little Etsy shop, These Small Hours, in early 2011, where I sell minibook starter kits for very reasonable prices.

As time permits, I plan on sharing minibook projects, ideas, supplies needed, giveaways, and other craft projects that keep me busy. I also hope to have future guest posters share their own minibook creations.

You can find out more about me under my About page. (Original, right?) You can check out my minibooks under the Minibook page.

Thanks for visiting & stayed tuned!


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