2013 Memory-Keeping Goals


For the past three years, I have made a hefty list of goals spanning across a wide variety of areas of my life – spiritual life, mothering, nutrition & cooking, reading, and — one of my favorite areas to dream up — memory-keeping. Since this blog is a new house for the paper & crafty projects, I thought I’d put my memory-keeping list here!


– This year I want to take more time with my projects. I want to be more intentional with each minibook or paper project, not just speeding through it just to complete it or because I only have fifteen more minutes left of nap time. Even if it takes longer to complete something, I want to do it well, not simply go through the motions just so I can have a completed project.

– I only want to do projects I am truly excited about — not ones I feel like I should do; not because a current way to create is trendy or popular; not to impress anyone. I want to attempt projects because I am genuinely inspired, interested, and excited to do them!

– I want to be true to myself! While looking at other projects can be inspiring, I want to guard my heart from feeling like I need to craft like someone else. Again, this gets back to the heart of why I’m even doing minibooks in the first place: not to get noticed, not to impress, not to be the latest & the greatest, but to record my family’s life — big & small — in a beautiful, visually appealing way. I want to listen to my own voice and not drown it out with others’ styles.

– I want to try at least two new ‘styles’ of minibooks! I want to try different formats, different mediums, different ways to share a small story in a minibook.

– I don’t want to be bogged down by embellishments. When I first began minibook-making & I grew to love recording memories in this fun way, I didn’t care that I didn’t have any “extras” to go along with paper: I used what I had, what I could find, and what I could afford. I don’t want to become a scrapbook-hoarder who must have everything! I want to use what I have, and try to push myself to use it new, creative ways.


Some projects I’d like to complete this year:

– A 2012 My Publisher album (in which I basically edit photos of the entire year!!). I enjoy the nice discounts of My Publisher, so I have made family photo albums from 2009-2011. I have 2008 already made up & waiting for one of their 60%-off deals! : )

– Cate’s pregnancy minibook. These are my favorite ones to make! Here is Anna’s, and here is Noelle’s.

– This is Home, Vol II. Our family has grown & changed quite a bit since I first made This is Home, Vol I in 2010. We use our home differently (it’s a bit more snug with three little ones!), and new things about our home have new meaning to us. I want to do a Vol II. this year, especially since we don’t think we will stay in this home forever.

– I want to wrap up all my in-progress minibooks… yep, I didn’t complete a single one over Christmas holidays!

And, of course, I have so many other ideas but that seems like a nice chunk to get started working on, first!



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