Stories from my Cellphone Vol. 3


Two of my favorite minibooks have been my Stories from My Cellphone Vol. I & Vol. II — just a simple, simple minibook of words + pictures from, you guessed it, my cellphone camera. Oh, my cellphone camera… I have a VERY simple phone with a VERY simple camera… no smartphone for me, though I must confess I really, really, really want a smartphone –if only for the great camera… and the Hobby Lobby app. : )


I take a lot of pictures at any given time, and when my dSLR isn’t handy, my tiny phone camera works. I have so many pictures on my phone! I could probably make many, many “Stories…Cellphone” volumes! But many of these pictures have captured pretty meaningful & fun moments of daily life.


I love making these small minibooks out of scraps & random bits of leftover papers!


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