Valentine’s Mini Sneak Peeks!

So excited!! I got a burst of inspiration earlier in the week to make these not-so-mushy, yet classy love-themed minibooks! Nap time was a busy time for me. : ) I hope to  have these listed by mid-week!

Each minibook will feature a new item… JOURNAL LABEL PROMPTS! Sometimes it can be difficult to know what words + text to put along side your pictures… enter these journal label prompts to help you find your words!

Here are some sneaks for “It’s a Love Story” — helping you to tell the beginning of your unique & beautiful love story!


Here is my new fave (can’t wait to make my own!), “Then & Now…” which helps you take a look at how your relationship has changed & grown over the years…


(love love love the gold-painted ampersand!)


And here is a peek at the super-sweet “Let Me Count the Ways” tag mini, which will help you count down the ways you love your special someone!


There is SO much more that is included in these kits! Stay tuned!!


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