Happy Friday!

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here! I have been working so much behind-the-scenes on several blog & shop ideas that I felt a little in limbo with posting the last two weeks. What I mean is I didn’t want to post anything just for the sake of posting. Just as I want to document my life & my family’s life with purpose, it’s also important to me that I blog with purpose, too!

But, as a result of those labors, I’m happy to say you can expect a full week of posts next week…


I am working on transferring my crafty/artsy projects from my {now-private} family blog to this new blog…  so next week will feature a smattering of posts (in no particular order, not related at all!) of these DIY Project Rewind posts… because these are all old projects of mine I’m just reposting here! : )

There are still plenty of Valentine’s and love-themed minibooks in the shop! (And all other sorts, too!) While Rust & I aren’t too crazy about Valentine’s Day, I think it’s healthy & good to cultivate an attitude of celebration & gratitude at the love story — with its ugly chapters AND bright & shining chapters — that God is writing throughout our life & relationship. I hope to order some prints & work on one of those tag mini’s (which I love love love) this upcoming week. We will see.
And, for bonus fun, here’s a video to brighten your day…

Happy Friday!!


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