DIY Project Rewind: Pumpkin Luminaries


Hey there! Welcome to my DIY Rewind week — just an excuse to transfer over some of my former crafty projects from my {now-private} family blog to my {brand-new} crafty blog. I guess you could say I am putting all my “artsy fartsy” stuff under one roof! : )


This project was for Halloween 2010. Pumpkin Luminaries! We decided to make these pumpkin lanterns instead of the jack’o’lanterns.

Here’s more of original post:


This was a fun little project Rust & I spent Sunday afternoon doing together. It reminded us how much we love doing little DIY projects together. Now with two babies, it is hard for us to find time doing stuff like this often.

This is so easy! Just cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin, hollow out the pulp, dot your design with dry-erase marker (so you can wipe it off it you make a mistake!), and then drill the holes. Once that is done, you can place either candles, battery-powered lights, or small Christmas lights (what we did) inside the pumpkins. We used one strand of 100 small lights for all three pumpkins & just tried to hide the wiring.


Here was our inspiration:

Celestial Pumpkins: Martha Stewart

Perforated Pumpkins: Eddie Ross

Pumpkin Luminaries: This Old House

For some great pumpkin inspiration, check out this collection of pumpkin projects from Tip Junkie.

HOWEVER, ten days later, our pumpkins looked like this:


Flabby little things! And it wasn’t even Halloween yet.  And because I was a little crazy, I made Pumpkin Luminaries Vol. II —



I wrote in my original post this took about an hour to do, in-between chasing babies, chattering toddlers, getting dinner started, and talking with the hubs. Super easy!!


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