DIY Project Rewind: Iron-On Onesies & Burpcloths


Welcome again to DIY Project Rewind Week here at These Small Hours, which is basically just me transferring some of my favorite crafty projects from my {now-private} family blog to my {brand-new} crafty blog, so they are all under one roof!

This post was originally written March 2010, after I threw a crafty baby shower for my sister, who had just had her second son. I followed the directions from another person’s blog post, but soon after I had linked to the article, I received responses that said article had vanished. Thus, I wrote this post of how WE did at the baby shower!

Here are how-to’s!

I thought I would share them here in case you would ever like to make something special for a pregnant friend. This is a really simple craft! I am excited to try to make some things for Noelle, and another crafty get-together with some other momma’s is currently in the works!

 You will need:
  • an assortment of fabric scraps in cute colors, washed & dried & ironed, cut into squares (about 8×8 or thereabouts–enough to fit your designs on!)
  • shapes & designs, printed on cardstock and cut out (I downloaded photography-themed, animaltravel-themed, nature and star dingbat fonts & installed them. I opened WORD, selected the various fonts, found the design I wanted to use, sized appropriately, and printed.)
  • Heat’ N ‘Bond Iron-On Adhesive from Wal-Mart in the craft section. There are two kinds. I used the kind for sewing machines specifically (the “lite”). There is a heavier type of adhesive if you only want to iron-on.
  • An iron & ironing board
  • Scissors, pencils, etc
  • Onesies, burp cloths, pajamas–whatever you plan on embellishing–washed & dried & ironed.


 1) Following the directions on the iron-on adhesive package, iron-on the fabric squares to separate pieces of the adhesive.
2) Choose fabric, the cut-out design you wish to make, and a onesie or burp cloth.
3) Trace design onto paper side of fabric & cut out design
4) Peel paper off liner
5) Place fabric material, adhesive side down, on top of your project
6) Press and hold iron for approximately six seconds until piece is bonded to your project.
7) If you want, sew or hand-stitch around the edges of design for a “completed” look. I have never used a sewing machine, so the one onesie I made for Mandy was hand-stitched. It took me two weeks to finish, and let me say… SO RELAXING. I was sad to be done! I just carried it around in my purse with me, and when I was stuck in the waiting room at my doctor’s appointment, I pulled it out to work on.
This is a moose burpie our friend Beth made. I love it! : )
Here are other great interpretations about this project:
Iron-On Onesie Adorableness @ A Feathered Nest ~ swoon!! so lovely!
Hope that helps!

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