DIY Project Rewind: Kraft Envelope Invites


Welcome to another DIY Rewind Project, where this week I’m sharing an older crafty project here on the blog!

This project is from fall 2009, when Rust & I hosted a “Fall Feast” — just a fun dinner party with our favorite people & our favorite fall foods! Here is the original post detailing how I made this envelope invite…

I have mentioned many times that I enjoy working with paper, and that often translates to when we are hosting something, I enjoy making my own invitations. As soon as I had the idea to have a Fall Feast, I saw this envelope invite in my mind.  I wanted it to mimic old-fashioned letters where the writing is on the inside and the letter itself is the envelope.

I have a stash of random, odd-sized envelopes  so I selected a larger one (I don’t know the official name of its size) and tore it apart, then traced its outline twice: once on a heavier piece of cardstock to be my template, and once on a regular white sheet of paper for my model.


The model, and my template, ready to be traced onto a 12×12 kraft cardstock sheet. Lately I have loved used regular old kraft cardstock for my projects… I think it’s the rough texture and the color, it just feels like autumn to me! : )


After cutting out my envelopes & sketching out what I wanted them to look like (and measuring, too!), I used Photoshop Elements & Microsoft Word to create the wording for the invites.


I printed two per one 8.5×11 sheet of textured colored cardstock & then cut to size with those neat design scissors that create a cool edge. As you can see, I had a difficult time deciding which color I should choose for the envelope… I ended up using all three!

After that, I made one more section the computer and then decided, that was enough! It was a little difficult to design the triangular sides of the envelope!



I handwrote the rest. I will say: I only did five of these invitations, and I think any more and I wouldn’t have handwritten… it was pretty time consuming!

Here is what the flaps of the envelope invite say:


Once those were completed and folded, I designed wrap-arounds for the front to hold the envelope down (textured dark red cardstock). If I sealed it as a normal envelope, the glue would mess up all the writing — so I realized since I couldn’t glue it down, I had to wrap it up!


I also tied some brown twine to the blank tags (from Hobby Lobby), on which I wrote the names & addresses. I did glue down the tags & the red wrap-around. Then to make sure it was really secure, I wrapped & tied tightly more twine.


Add a custom fall-themed return address label, and… my fall envelope invite was born!

Fast-forward to 2013… I still love this envelope invite, and posting this again totally makes me want to have another reason to make new ones, but I also think I’d do so much of it differently, too! : )

AND, it was only after I made these I discovered many other ways I could have done this project. Check out these links below!

Paper Source has an envelope template kit.

You can find some wooden envelope template on Etsy.

Envelopments has fun products, like this envelofold which is a pre-made envelope.

This new product, the envelope punch board, from We R Memory Keepers looks really fun & has been added to my ever-growing wishlist. : )

You can also just run an image-search for envelope templates.


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