DIY Project Rewind: Paper Pennant Party Banner


Welcome to Day Four of my DIY Project Rewind Week! I am basically transferring some of my favorite crafty projects from my {now-private} family blog to my {brand-new} crafty blog!

This is one of my favorite projects, originally posted in 2010. I made these paper banners for my oldest daughter’s second birthday party. Here is the original post:

Who knew certain personalities would enjoy the thrill of cutting over 100 paper triangles, gluing them together, punching them, & stringing them with ribbon?

For this simple party project you will need:

  • 12×12 scrapbook paper (you can fit 6 triangles per sheet)
  • cardboard
  • ruler
  • scissors / paper trimmer
  • hole punch
  • ribbon
  • any embellishments for your banner
  • a video monitor so you can watch your babies sleep during naptime


These are pictures of the last pennant banner I made, that would say “Happy Birthday” and hang above the punch.

I had the color scheme all worked out for Anna’s birthday. In fact, her color scheme was inspired by Basic Grey’s Lemonade collection. It is an older paper line, so harder to find. Thankfully, Cranberry Cat, an online store, carried all the papers I wanted–for a very discounted price ($.56 each!). I purchased Frosted Berry, SunKissed, Pink Fizz, Sunshine, and my favorite, my main source of inspiration, Strawberry Patch.


With your cardboard, measure a triangle that is 5″ by 6.5″ by 6.5″. Cut it out–this is your template. Begin tracing on your 12×12 sheet of scrapbook paper.


Here are my triangles all drawn. I even numbered them. You could definitely do this without a cardboard template, too. It was just easier for me to have something to trace.


Cut them out & add your embellishments. Mine, as always, were super simple: in Photoshop Elements, I made circles that spelled out Happy Birthday. Font: Pupcat. Punch holes in the corner, and now you are ready to string your ribbon through!


You can make these as fancy as you like. Just google in the image search “paper pennant banner” & you will find some very fancy ones! My style is just simple + easy! : ) I spent enough time cutting & gluing & punching & stringing to want to do anything else.


And there you have it! An easy, festive decoration. : )


My paper triangles in all their glory.

I loved these so much I left them up for two weeks after A’s party. : )

Now, fast-forward to present day, 2013. I still love these and wouldn’t change the way I made them! BUT, I know pennants and banners and garlands of all kinds have exploded in popularity… here are some other ways this could be done:

google image search for a pennant template you can just print!

– I saw recently at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbooking section there were several different types of chipboard banners– all you need to do is paint/mist/add paper to them! This would be a sturdier option.

– If you have a Silhouette machine, you can make your own banner without all the cutting. Here is an example from their blog.


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