DIY Project Rewind: Typographic Letter Banners


Welcome to the final post of this week’s DIY Project Rewind, where basically I  reposted old crafty projects onto my new blog! I wrote this post in 2009 after a tutorial request for these.

Here is the original post:

I LOVE these simple banners for parties! I knew I wanted to make a banner for my nephew John’s first birthday party, and I found SO many great examples online; there were so many ways to make an easy, eye-catching banner… but, I realized I found “the one” when I saw this picture from a monster truck-themed birthday party! It combined ease, color, and my favorite — type fonts!

In order to do this banner you will need:

  • white paper (I used cardstock)
  • a colored printer
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • Microsoft Word or some other word-processing program
  • fun typefonts!

Select & install fun type-fonts that fit the image or theme of your event.

Open a new document. (The following steps are for Microsoft Word).

1) For your Page Layout / Page Setup,  select Landscape for orientation & set all the margins to .25″

2) Now add a table. You will need 2 columns, 1 row. This uses two letters per 11×8 1/2 sheet of paper.

3) Set the width of each column to around 5.33″ — about half of the width of the page. I inserted a table because it would be easier for me to space/center each letter, and because some of the fonts I used were wacky. Putting a letter into each “cell” within the table allowed me to line up and control it better! If you are more laid back than me — skip all of this and just pick your fonts!

4) Ready to begin! I typed a letter in each cell, set the size to 400-500, depending on how it looked. I used a different font for each letter, selected a color, and on the occasional letter I made the background colored. You can do this by selecting Borders & Shading >> select the “shading” tab >> choose your color

5) Print!

6) Then you can attach the ribbon or hang how you see fit. For A Fall Feast & John’s birthday sign, I punched two holes in the tops and threaded pretty ribbon through. For Anna’s party, however, I just taped her letters to the wall.

Here are all the different versions I did using this method of banner-making:

Anna’s first birthday, 2009:


My nephew Jack’s baby shower, 2010:


Fall Feast, 2009:


And the girl’s room, 2012:




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