Reasons I Love You – Birthday Card Book


For Rust’s 30th birthday, I made him a super-simple, non-frilly minibook card which listed 30 reasons I adored him + some recent (at the time) silly photos we took of us.

You can see the rest of the minibook + a quick tutorial here.


This was simple + sweet, to the point. Later this week, I will share the minibook I made this year, where I took a Vday minibook kit from the shop. This upcoming minibook is more depthy, complete with mushy journaling & sentimental photos. : )

Anyway, you can document your love story through a list (fave way to organize my world!)–what sticks out to you about your love, right now. While I still most definitely love Rust for all the reasons I included in this minibook, I really took the time to think of the top 5 reasons I love him, now, with three kids, a cramped house, and 6.5 years of marriage. : )


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