Musings No. 1: Make Beautiful Things


This post will be a little bit all over the place. That’s because I’m musing here!

I saw on Pinterest a while ago a nice little quote that’s stuck itself inside my mind, and it won’t let go. So I made this one afternoon.


“I just want to make beautiful things, even if no one cares.”

Ha! So often I feel that’s exactly what I’m doing! Crafting & making & creating, all in my little corner of the world, even if no one cares or notices or sees.

But it begs the question: for whom do you craft? create? make stuff? For whom should you craft, create? Yourself & yourself alone, for the sake of your own pure enjoyment? For you, therapeutically? For others, in hopes of inspiring & challenging & offering a piece of beauty in an often not-so-beautiful world? What about God, for Him? Does He care about beauty & art & the tiny little projects we pour our time & soul & creativity into?

There are many, many reasons I just want to “make things” — I won’t go into them now. I have so many thoughts about God & creativity & art and how it’s all entwined with life here on earth… : ) But I will recommend a book my husband Rust just finished, and which I read the last three chapters of on his suggestion — Eyes Wide Open: Enjoying God in Everything by Steve DeWitt. It can help you answer many of the questions I posed above.

And every time I think of the quote above, I end up humming this song…

It’s “Beautiful Things” by Gungor.

The quote above also spurs on other thoughts about what I “just want to” do, “even if…”

I just want to sing my favorite songs, even if no one is there to listen…

I  just want to write, even if no one reads it…

I just want to capture the moment through photography, even if no one else savors that same moment…

I just want to make lists, even if I never complete the stuff on them…

All things I love, all things I do for fun, for refueling, for expression.

Why do you craft or sew or bake or garden or build or make or cut paper or decorate or DIY or paint or sketch or hand-letter or flower arrange or sculpt or design or photograph or write or blog or dance or write songs or sing or  _______?

What are your, “I just want to…. even if…” sentences? I would LOVE to hear!


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