Spring Wreaths Week: Speckled Easter Egg Wreath


With Spring & Easter fast-approaching, I thought I’d spend another week (much like the DIY Project Rewind Week) transferring some craftiness over to this blog!

I love wreath-making. I discovered this little hobby in the fall of 2009, when my sweet sister eyed some $50-$75 Hobby Lobby wreaths and said brilliantly, “We can make those.” I was a little reluctant. Making a wreath didn’t sound very fun to me… but we did! And you know what, I surprised myself by loving it! Ha! Thanks Sis. : )

Here’s a simple how-to on an Easter wreath I made in 2010!


My favorite home decorating blogs shared posts about a week before Easter of DIY speckled robin’s eggs as decorations. One blog linked to Southern Living’s page on making your own speckled eggs. I thought they were so pretty! I wanted to try to make my own, but what would I do with a dozen speckled eggs? I decided to turn it into an early spring + Easter wreath!


I purchased paper mache eggs (3 for $1.00–I bought 9 total) and a bag of small plastic Easter eggs which were half-off ($0.30). I already had tons of paint leftover from painting our house, with many blues and greens. So instead of buying craft paints, I just decided to use what I already had.


The easiest way to paint the plastic eggs was to paint in halves with a foam brush. I noticed the more runny or thin the paint was, the harder for the coat of paint to stay on the shiny plastic egg. There were several that I had to go back to and add a second layer of paint. If I did it again, I would also allow them to try on a plastic plate instead of paper! Interior house paint can be sticky, and it definitely stuck to the paper plate. I had to touch-up several of the eggs for a third time because of that. Tedious.

{Additional thought… the best way to paint them would be spray paint, but since my goal was to avoid buying more paint, I just used what I had!}

Once they had dried, I speckled them using a paintbrush (instead of a toothbrush) by running my finger over the bristles to splatter the eggs. I used brown paint.


I did a whole bag of plastic eggs in varying colors. I decided to use the small eggs for a small, indoor wreath and the larger, paper mache eggs for my outdoor spring wreath.



Here is how the wreaths turned out:





The small, indoor wreath cost $10 to make. The larger, outdoor wreath cost $18. It is still one of my favorites!

More Easter wreath inspiration:

Fillin’ My Jar- Spring Eggs @ Sabby in Suburbia

Dyed & Speckled Easter Eggs @ Martha Stewart

Pottery Barn Knock-off @ One of a Kind


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