Spring Wreath Week: Lemon Springtime Wreath


Once upon a spring (2011), my mom “commissioned” me to make her a springtime wreath based on a lovely lemon bay leaf wreath from Williams-Sonoma. (And, yes, I realize yesterday I said Pottery Barn, whoops!) The largest components were lemons, bay leaves, and green hydrangeas.

While I don’t think I got the actual bay leaf replication down, I still love the way it turned out! It was different (fuller) than the wreaths I typically make, but still very fun to make–I still love making wreaths, wandering through the aisles of faux flowers to gain inspiration, and arranging to make a nice decoration for a door.



Now that it’s been nearly two years since I made this wreath, I will say that because my mom kept the wreath by her back deck door, in full exposure to the sun, not only did these lemons fade in color, the glue also melted. The wreath kept droppin’ its lemons! My poor dad had to repeatedly glue them back on, and I think finally he figured out a way to “hook” them to the wreath.

So, I will say: many faux floral wreaths will suffer after long exposure to sun. The dyes will fade & the glue could melt. We have a porch, set to the north, so our front door gets little direct sunlight; my wreaths have lasted years because of that, and because most of them are seasonal–so they’re only outside a couple months a year.

That wraps up this season’s wreath week! Wreaths will next make an appearance in the sum-sum-summertime!

Happy Friday!

Oh! Here’s Williams-Sonoma’s —

Here’s Williams-Sonoma’s:



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