Pinterest Project No. 1: Salt Dough Ornaments


Not too long ago, I posted about some Pinterest projects I hoped to do in 2013. For resource & inspiration hoarders like me, Pinterest is a dream come true for finding ideas & saving them for later! : ) I’m really thankful I can collect ideas & inspiration all in one place, and not only that–share it with others! You definitely need to know yourself, though, and know when it’s too much inspiration & too much comparing & too much measuring your value & worth against whether or not you could ever come up with something that creative. : ) Thank goodness our value & worth aren’t in DIY/creative/crafty/preschool/artsy projects! : )

Anyway, here was the very first project I did in 2013. Get ready, it is so original…


Ha! We’ve actually made salt dough ornaments before, and it is honestly one of Anna’s most favorite projects. We didn’t manage to squeeze it into our 2012 Christmas festivities, and because Anna was still asking about it, and because I saw so many  creative ornaments on — you guessed it, I’m like a broken record — Pinterest, we did it early January.


Noellie joined us this time, which was really fun.


I tried stamping the ornaments — the girls have a Melissa & Doug Princess stamp set, which we used, and the rubber scrapbooking alphabet stamps. Some I did plain, and some I tried with black ink… because that is basically the only color ink pad I have!


We painted them with mostly acrylics, though I tried watercolor on some — which I loved!




So we now have some fun gifts for family next year. : )

I want to make another batch of these and try: 1) making ornament gift tags (possibly?) with stamped names; 2) try a different color of ink on plain, unpainted ornaments; 3) stamp fun phrases, not necessarily names; and 4) try watercoloring unstamped ornaments.

Fun fun! I know my helpers won’t object to doing another round of these… I will just have to work on sharing the dough with them! : )


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