Good Friday Watercolors

I’ve been working on these little watercolors this week, trying to set my heart on things above & focus focus focus on how the first Easter changed everything.


One way that I’ve found helpful for hiding Scripture or God’s truths in my heart is through writing it out — whether hand-lettering, making art, tucking it into a mini, sketching, chalkboard art, and, now, watercoloring. How I love this new way!


My sweet momma gave the girls Crayola watercolor pencils. Anna tried it for a second, decided she liked traditional watercolor paints better, and I happily (happily!) confiscated the pencils for my own uses. : )  I am so much better at sketching with a pencil than with paintbrushes, and there is something so incredibly soothing about going back over my lines with a water + paintbrush. I’ve watercolored during naptimes, chatting with Rust after the girls are in bed, or even while the girls are sitting around our table, working on their own artsy projects.


John 11:24 & Romans 5:2 are the two verses this Easter that have caught & held my attention…


“Where do you see the glory? Mainly in the gospel story of Christ’s life and death and resurrection for us sinners. When the story is told and the gospel is preached, what shines out from it, Paul says in 2 Corinthians 4:4, is “the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” The gospel is the “gospel of the glory of Christ.” And this glorious Christ is “the image of God.” So the glory of Christ that we see in the gospel story of his life and death and resurrection is the glory of God. God stands forth from the history of his Son’s life and from the preaching of this greatest story in history. His glory shines through the gospel.” – John Piper, from Let us Exult in the Hope of the Glory of God!

Hoping to find time later on to watercolor part of this song that’s been stuck in my head…


O Praise the One Who paid my debt

and raised this life up from the dead!

Happy Easter!


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