Fall 2012 Minibook


It’s hard to write about fall right now when spring is right outside my window! But Fall is a friend, too, and one of my favorite seasons to record in a minibook. (See Fall 2009 & Fall 2010 minibooks.) This was little Cate’s first fall, and as a family we did so many fun things, too! So how could I skip it?


I used an oldie but goodie paper collection – Basic Grey’s Indian Summer. I bought the collection pack back in 2009 when I was just discovering my strange but powerful love of patterned scrapbook paper & minibooks. : ) Three & a half years later, and I still loved the paper! (Can you tell I have a hard time actually using the paper I really like?)


I bought the papers in 2009, with the goal in mind to eventually create a fall mini. I was at Big Lots — yes! Big Lots! — when I stumbled upon heavily discounted Indian Summer embellishments, seriously! Rub-ons & stickers & chipboard… very nice. I don’t always buy the fun stuff like stickers + chipboards because all those little things add up quickly! Anyway, all that to say–that’s why this minibook is a little more embellish-y than my typical super-simple photo + words style.

What follows are way too many photos… it ended up being a pretty thick mini!














All of these photos were taken at two different times. One time I thought I’d photograph it during afternoon snack time… ha! They eat quick. : ) Here’s what was going on behind-the-scenes until I finally gave up & joined playtime. Then I waited until naptime the next time. ; )


Love my girlies!!



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