Why Journal & Document Your Summer?

whyjournal title

Alright, so what could possibly be the point of documenting your summer with a mini scrapbook? Here are five reasons why I enjoy doing seasonal minibooks!

1. You can capture the feel of a small period (3 months) of your life — who you are, what you’re learning, what you liked (or didn’t like), and what your life looked like. You can portray all of that in the things you choose to document in your minibook.


{2012 Summer Mini}



{2010 Summer Mini}

2. You can focus on the small, often-overlooked details of a season. Save your memorabilia (tickets, receipts, maps, notes in the mail, brochures, etc.) and have simple, unique ways to ‘dress up’ your pages.



{Anna’s 2011 Summer Mini}


{2010 Summer Mini}

3. A seasonal minibook gets your random, fun, daily life photos off your phone, Instagram, Facebook, & computer and into your hands to be enjoyed! To be looked at more than once! All those pictures you took of your dinner, a date, your child doing something outrageous, that spontaneous picture of you with your friends–you can enjoy them more than once in your minibook, not to be buried in your multitude of feeds.


{2009 Summer Mini}


{2010 Summer Mini}

4. You can record more than just the “Big Deal’ events in your life. All the little, daily things (where you ate, what you cooked, what you listened to, where you went, who you saw, what you laughed about) add to up to contribute to one cohesive flow of your journal… they will become the story of your summer.

IMG_6558 IMG_6555

{2010 Summer Mini}

IMG_6553 IMG_6550

{2009 Summer Mini}


{2012 Summer Mini}

5. You can be as broad (just “what you did”) or as detailed (“how you felt”) as you want your minibook to be. You can be lighthearted & carefree, or you can show the more heartfelt, emotional side — you have freedom to make the book you want to make! You can focus on all 3 months of the summer, or simply use your book to record a special vacation or event.




{2009 Summer Mini}




So! I hope that helps give you ideas of what you might possibly have to document about your summer… so many things!

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