Taped Minibook Tutorial


Love these little guys! In order to make this minibook, you will need:

washi tape (ideally, wide washi tape but I just had the normal size.)

– 1-2 sheets of 12×12-inch paper – cardstock, kraft, or patterned paper for your minibook base

– paper trimmer and/or scissors & ruler

– adhesive & stapler

– paper scraps to embellish your base

1. Select your 12×12 base. For this particular mini, I chose textured white cardstock. For others, I used textured black cardstock & kraft cardstock. You could also use a heavy cardstock patterned scrapbook paper.


2. Using my paper trimmer, I used  two 12×12 sheets & cut three strips measuring 5 inches high and 8 inches long. {I also made skinny mini’s, cutting my 12×12’s into 3 strips of 4-inch high by 7-inch long. This will make a narrower minibook.}


3. Fold each strip of paper in half. The 5×8-inch strips fold to make 5×4-inch pages. The 4×7-inch strips fold to make 4×3.5-inch pages.

4. Then! Position two of the folded papers back to back with folded sides lightly touching, like so…


5. Run your washi down the center, adhering folded sides together.


6. Fold over (right to left, like you’re turning the page in a book), washi tape on the inside. You’ve taped two pages together!


7. Next, place 3rd folded sheet alongside the other folded paper like you did before. You’re going to do the same thing again…006

8. Run your tape down the middle to join the two folded sides together. You will most likely have to hold the pages in place. 007

9. Fold over again, from left to right, like turning a page in a book. Now that the inner pages are taped together, run your tape one last time down the outside of the book, so every possible folded sheet is joined together. You will most likely need to lay it flat one more time to do so. Once that is taped, you can fold it again–the last tape strip becomes the outside binding. 008 009


10. Since I do not have wide washi tape, my binding looks a wee bit sparse. No problem! What’s a little more washi tape? I run another strip on each side of the ‘binding’ to make it appear thicker…011 012

11. And your base is built! Whew! Hope that wasn’t too complicated. Now, will all those paper scraps you were reluctant to throw away, you can embellish the insides in really easy ways…


– use a brad to have a piece of paper hide journaling or picture

– stamp a label or frame onto an empty page

– cut a pennant banner


– use decorative scissors to cut a pattern on the paper

– score/fold & glue part of a piece of paper to create a folded journal spot


– glue embellishments (like the mason jar or bunting) to create fun pages

– staple sides of paper along edges to create a pocket

See more ideas for embellishing the insides of blank minibooks on this post.

Leave a comment if you have any questions!


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