Musings No. 2: Art through the Sorrow


What to do with all the hurt & loss & brokenness & sorrow going on all around? Sometimes it is in our own life; and other times — to watch those for whom we love & care pass through their own difficult circumstances or loss.

I tend to always try to work through my thoughts & feelings with, aside from writing/journaling, art. A quote, a verse, a phrase, a song… what latches onto my heart as I process & sort all the messy emotions & thoughts that come with heartache or pain or loss.

Here is some art I’ve done in the last 6 months, as I have watched others experience their own heartache & loss, and feel so helpless…



{these words were written by Daisy’s mom, after her daughter passed away…her words kept getting stuck in my head {not a bad thing!!} until I wrote them out.}



{I now love this song.}


from Andrew Peterson’s Carry the Fire.


{My favorite quote from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.}


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