Paper Party Banner for a Boy


Navy. I love the color navy. When my friend Alicia & I had the wonderful opportunity to throw a sweet friend (and my neighbor!) a simple baby shower to celebrate the arrival of her third baby (he’s here!!), I was probably way too excited to use the color navy. (With having three girls, I have grown to really, really, really love pink–I see it all the time!–but it’s SO fun to do boy-themed stuff, too!)


This banner was pretty simple to make! Here’s how it came together…

– I knew I wanted 2 strands of bunting coming from a cluster of tissue pompoms & lanterns over the center of the table. I wanted a mix of patterns & colors & shapes.

– I ended up using:

  • 1 12×12 sheet patterned paper (navy zigzag/chevron)
  • 1 12×12 sheet of navy textured cardstock
  • 1 12×12 sheet of blue textured cardstock
  • 6 white triangle paper buntings using the measurements from this post, already had on hand — but it’s equivalent to 1 12×12 sheet of white textured cardstock
  • 6 kraft cardstock triangle paper buntings – equivalent to 1 12×12 sheet of kraft cardstock
  • package of 8-inch (or 10-inch??) paper doily bunting
  • ribbon

– The navy zigzag pattern was my starting point of inspiration. I selected two textured cardstock colors — a navy and a blue — to coordinate with it. Those I cut from a chipboard bunting template we used for the name sign (see below). Then I added my kraft & white triangles I always keep on hand, and at the last minute threw in some paper doilies (folded in half) leftover from Cate’s first birthday party.


– I chose an order that appealed to me visually, and strung them in that pattern over and over again! I did: zigzag -> white -> blue -> kraft -> navy -> doily. I used 16-17 pieces per strand.

– I used 6 zigzag, 6 white, 6 blue, 6 kraft, 6 navy, & 4 doilies. You can make the triangles following the directions in this post. Six paper pennants can be made from 1 12×12-inch sheet of paper!

– I punched the corners of each piece of paper the alternated stringing them front/back. I simply folded the doilies over the ribbon & used a glue-stick to glue the ends.


– Alicia made the super cute name banner! I love the shape of 2-point pennants! She used the same navy zigzag paper & blue/navy cardstock. The base of the banner was chipboard pennants, found at Hobby Lobby. (Click here to view their selection!)


We served simple appetizers! My favorite of the night were bacon-wrapped sweet potato bites made by Alicia… my first time trying them, but — so delicious!


Some of the girls in our small group! I am so, so thankful for these ladies & I have loved getting to know them!!



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