After an unintended blogging break…

…I am tentatively back — for a little while, at least!

Rust & I spent the month of June doing little house projects & decluttering like crazy because all year we have been working towards getting our beloved home ready to sell.

We love our home! We love our neighborhood. This was our first home, the place we’ve brought three babies home to, the house we’ve made ours over the five years we’ve lived here. But… we have outgrown it sooner than we expected! So this was a reluctant decision for us, which could explain why it took us forever to actually list the house!

our little homewm

The last week of June we finally listed our house after our realtor brought in someone to stage the house (and just an FYI, the pictures above are before the staging! Our house looked so bare afterwards…)

That weekend we also held Noelle’s 3rd birthday party… {with more pictures to come later!}


…one of my dearest friends welcomed her second baby boy the very next day…


The very next weekend our house was finally shown for the first time, and the next day we received an offer just eleven days after our house was listed! Talk about scrambling!

We have spent the past two weeks house-hunting and are currently under contract to purchase another house! So our life in the coming weeks will be packing, packing, packing… and daydreaming about new paint colors & house ideas. Oh, and on top of that, I am getting organized for our first official year of homeschooling here at Tatumfam!

In the meantime, I hope to get back in the groove of blogging a little bit! I have several minibooks I have done in the past two months…

minis recently completed-wm

And a fun & easy tutorial for a new sort of minibook I’ve been making a lot of lately!


Hope next week I can really begin posting regularly!



One response to “After an unintended blogging break…

  1. Wow!! That is amazing you sold your house that quickly! I will pray all goes peacefully with packing and moving…it’s an emotional process.

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