Noelle’s First Year Minibook


As part of the decluttering & organizing that has been my life the past four months (since we were preparing to list our house), I found all the month-by-month pictures of the girls I’ve used at each of their first and second birthday parties. They were sitting in a drawer I have that’s filled with cards, notes, letters, that friends + family have given me over the years. I loved these pictures of the girls! I didn’t want to hide them away in a drawer. In the past month, I’ve done Noelle’s first year, Noelle’s second year, and Cate’s first year. I have everything ready to go for Anna’s first and second years.

Here’s Noelle’s first year in pictures — a super simple minibook to put together! My beloved pictures of Noellie + my favorite paper (some of the first paper I bought & have been hoarding–My Mind’s Eye’s Bohemia line circa 2007!) + coordinating labels + letter stickers + leftover embellishments from my fall 2012 minibook.




I really am happy with the way it turned out! It was a satisfying project — paper I loved, pictures that were fun to work with, and a pretty straightforward and simple minibook!


One response to “Noelle’s First Year Minibook

  1. I like this idea, very simple!

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