Summer Wreath Week: Dark Pink & Pearls Wreath



This little lady is one of my favorites.

I used:

  • grapevine wreath
  • 1 faux bouquet of green & dark pink roses
  • craft pearls on a string
  • 1 faux white rose
  • 2 stem of filler buds

To make this wreath, I bought one larger-sized faux bouquet and cut it up using floral trimmers. I arranged them, stuck the stems into the grapevine wreath, added the fillers, then strung the pearls around. Since I like to hang my wreath with ribbon and pin it into the top of the door, I leave room at the top of each wreath for that. Then I secure with hot glue! Gluing has only ever taken 30 minutes tops, and that is if I’m doing it while the girls are awake. : ) If it’s during naptime, it really only takes 15-20 minutes to glue. The longest process has always been cutting up the stems/flowers and arranging them on the wreath.


I really, really, really believe anyone who wants to try can make a pretty wreath! I don’t think you have to think of yourself as creative or crafty–it really is simple! With most wreaths, I have to arrange and re-arrange the flowers to my liking until I get it right. Sometimes I have to take a picture, study the picture, then try again because something feels off about it. For instance, if you look above you can see several small white buds by the larger bouquet. They never made it to my final wreath because when I added them, it just changed the way the wreath looked…


Too  busy for my taste!–it hid the lovely pearls! So I took them out.


If you are interested in making a wreath but afraid to try, I would just wander the floral department of your favorite craft store (our small city has Hobby Lobby) and see if there are any floral bouquets or floral stems that catch your eye. Buying one floral bouquet and a couple small filler stems (little buds or little florals) is an easy place to start because the flowers already coordinate together if they’re in a bouquet! Then you can just cut up the bouquet and spread the flowers + greenery around the wreath.

I also think buying one larger bouquet plus some floral stem fillers at half-off or two smaller bouquets plus some floral stem fillers at half-off is less expensive than gathering several individual floral stems. I love the floral stems–some are really good quality!–but the price can add up!

I hope you see that you really can make yourself an attractive, welcoming wreath for under $30-$35! Don’t let fear stop you from at least trying! : )


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