Summer Wreath Week: Pretty in Pink Wreath


I made this wreath for my mom — she requested & paid for it! : ) The budget was $25 and this wreath came about $2-3 under, if I remember right.


I bought: 1 grapevine wreath, 1 smaller pink rose bouquet, 1 white mini-rose bouquet, and 1 small green/white floral bouquet. I also used more of the stringed pearls I’m so fond of and that has made it onto at least 2 other wreaths!  : )


And today is the final day of Summer Wreath Week! I hope you’ve seen what a wide variety of simple floral wreaths you can make with just a handful of inexpensive supplies from your local craft store! Even more, I hope you have seen that it really IS an easy craft project that is do-able and fun!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on any wreath-related posts! Wreath Week will return in the fall!!


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