Collage Minibook Week: For Mand


This week is “collage minibook week” here at These Small Hours.

Here is what I said yesterday: I’ll share a really simple minibook that is fun to make & fun to give! Right now I am calling it a “collage minibook” because 1) I am horrible at giving things titles; and 2) that’s what stuck in my head when I first began making them. In some ways it is more like an interactive card than a mini album, so maybe I should call it a mini-album card? A card collage mini album? Oh who knows!

Back in April, my favorite paper company ran a contest centered on a ‘color collage’ theme. At the time, I had been feeling so inspired from oh, hello friend’s book of notes — so, so beautiful & unique! (There is a store! with book of notes kits!) I had also become intrigued by another form of memory keeping, Heidi Swapp’s memory files. So many layers! I drew inspiration from both of these concepts and made a simple (that’s the way I roll) mini album from them.

Today I’m sharing the second collage minibook I made for one of my favorite & most influential mothers in my life, who happens to also be my best friend–my sister. : )






Tomorrow I’ll share the tutorial for how I made Mand’s!



One response to “Collage Minibook Week: For Mand

  1. So sweet! One thing I remember about working with Mandy in the library, is how authentic she was. You two seem to have such a deep friendship, I hope our girls develop that as they grow older.

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