House Musings


In three days, we will have officially been in our house one month. We haven’t painted a thing (still!), nor done anything to the house other than enjoy it and learn it! Oh, a replace a leaky 1980’s toilet. : )

Because of that, I have had plenty of time to ponder and think and dream up what we could actually do to our house. I have looked so much at Pinterest my eyes water every time I get on it, ha! My For the Home board is out of control. While I plan on posting inspiration & ideas for each room we are going to transform (which is, uh, every room! eek!), I thought I would hammer out here my overall inspiration & musings about our house, and what direction I’m heading, what I like, what I’ve discovered about myself, and on and on. So!

– I am a neutral girl at heart. Creams and whites and beige and griege and browns just sing my song. Pretty much every room (I think) will be overall neutral. As in, on the walls in some shape or form. But! I love color, too — well-placed pops of color. I plan to use turquoise, aquas, and mints as accent colors throughout the house. I am a little nervous to have so much white/cream in the house (Rust says sweetly, “You know we have three kids, right?”) but after reading The Handmade Home’s post on using white, I feel a little better.

What’s your color personality? You can take an online quiz from BHG to find out. (Mine was creamy latte!)

– I tend to want an overall warm color palette throughout the house with cool-colored accents.

– I am simple! I don’t like a ton of patterns, though I like a variety of textures. I feel like my style is ever-evolving, though I know what styles I really admire and feel inspired by — cottage, coastal, and eclectic.

According to Sproost’s quiz, I like French eclectic (I don’t think our house will ever reflect that!), cottage, and Nantucket. And according to this quiz, I like ‘Nantucket’ style the best.

– If I had to describe the overall sense I want someone to feel when they walk into our home, it would be: classic, peaceful, open, airy, light, crisp, vibrant, and simple, comfortable, and cozy.

– When combing through paint colors, I try to ask myself — What will give the most light? What would look best in the background of our ‘everyday life’ photos? What am I least likely to grow tired of? I guess that is why I have gravitated so much towards neutrals! Only neutrals and lighter or muted colors answer those questions for me.

– I have loved looking for paint colors! I have worn out this blogpost & Google Image Search & Pinterest for paint recommendations. I think I am obsessing a little too much on getting the ‘flow’ of the whole house right. The Handmade Home’s post on using colors in your home have helped me think through this more!

Here is my attempt at trying out different color palettes…

color palettes

I know, they all look alike, ha!

Anyway, if you’ve taken the time to read this far, thanks for hanging in there will all my rambling, loosely-connect thoughts!


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