Stories from my Cellphone Vol. 4 – #1

I saw a commercial about myself the other day and had to laugh. While one guy was showing off his new cellphone, another guy proudly displayed his flip phone, circa 2009. That is me, ha! While the rest of the world is on Instagram with their phone (I use Rust’s phone for Instagram every now and then. And yes, I am jealous…), I keep capturing little moments with my tiny cellphone camera. : )

While there are future plans to get a smartphone for me, right now I am working on preserving all my blurry, low-res memories in the form of some bite-size minibooks!

I made three bite-sized minibooks to record just the “summer according to my cellphone” from 2011. Here’s the first…


It’s one of the taped mini‘s I made in the the winter/spring earlier this year. (Here’s a quick tutorial for you to make your own!)



This is what I like about a mini-mini like this:

– I like using white pages as my base!

– I like that I had pre-embellished the pages, something I typically don’t do. But it was fun that there were ‘limits’ already in place for each page, and I had to place the pictures around/on top of the embellishments.

– It’s a small minibook, with small pictures, and so it was simple simple simple & very quick to put together!

I’ll share the second 2011 summer cellphone picture minibook tomorrow! (Whew, mouthful!)


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