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I love crafting + minibook-making + minibook-filling + photography + on and on and on. Life right now, however, doesn’t allow for large chunks of time to create + make. So there is often a huge — huge! — lag between ideas of projects & the actual implementation of them. This minibook is a perfect example!


Early in 2013, I had an idea for doing a minibook of little things about our family — current faves, interests, mannerisms, quirks, etc. In the spring, made the base of the minibook & spent a few days scrawling down little notes here and there about each person in the family.

The base is a piece of sturdy, but not thick, cardboard, with a Tim Holtz binder mechanism attached. It’s painted a lovely turquoise color, using one of small tubes of acrylic paint. Paper is bright & cheerful, a line from Glitz called Cashmere Dame. (This paper is an older line, so it’s a little hard to find!) Alpha stickers are also old, from The Girl’s Paperie. I also stuck in some of Echo Park’s “Memos” journal cards I found at Hobb Lobb.


By the time I selected, edited, and then ordered prints for all the pictures, it was summer! Nearly 5-6 months later! This is the way most of my minibook projects are. I may have an idea and scribble it down; a few months later, I may finally make an empty mini; and then a few months after that, I finally develop pictures; and then, then, then, a few months later–I finally work on it.


So even though I am just now showing this, now, in the fall, this all reflects on “currents” from the spring of 2013. : )


Anyway, I really loved working on this mini!







This will be a fun minibook to look back on in about five years or so. I bet I won’t have time to make minibooks then, let alone keep track of all our “currents”! Who knows!




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