99 Sales… and Christmas Minibooks Stocked!

I have had my little minibook shop almost three years now, with periodic closings during morning sickness, a new baby, and a move. While it has always been a little side business of mine, something I haven’t thrown myself into full force, the delight of making a sale — packaging a minibook — has yet to go away.

I know there are many, many, many other shops of Etsy way more successful than mine, but I have to say–I am SO excited These Small Hours is at 99 sales!

To show my appreciation, for the next three separate customers, I am going to include an extra minibook kit as a thank you for helping get me over the 100-sale hill! These are minibooks I had set aside to list, but decided to go ahead and include as a gift to the next 3 customers!




Thanks to all the sweet customers who have purchased minibooks in the last three years, and especially those who have left encouraging notes with their order & positive feedback! It certainly sets my heart to grinnin’!

In other shop news, I FINALLY finished listing the last of the holiday minibooks!! If you have ever considered documenting your Christmas or winter holidays, these simple minibook kits might be perfect for you! Some have 25 pages — one for each day leading up to Christmas if you want to format your mini album for a Countdown to Christmas or December Daily. Some have lesser number of pages (and at a lesser price, too!) if you want to record the Big Events of December!





IMG_4100 << My favorite!!! >>


ALSO! I had way too many leftovers from my Fall 2012 mini album! So I whipped up two 5×7-inch minibook kits with the same sort of stuff!





This post is already too long, but hopefully later this week or next week I’ll share some fun minibooks coming to the shop in early 2014!! So so so excited for these!!





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