Coming early 2014…


A fabulous friend of mine, Deborah, helped a tiny dream I had for the shop come true, ha! I have long had visions of making, filling, and even selling sewn minibooks! In the summer, she sewed a few test ones for me on a craft weekend getaway. I loved them! About two weeks ago, she sewed a huuuuge stack of minibooks for me! Some I am hoarding keeping for me to fill, but the others I will be listing early January in the shop! Here are the first group I will be listing…


Most are 6×8-inches with several pages of different shapes and sizes and textures. They will also come with embellishments, much like the other kits in the shop.


I love these because they are a larger size than the 4×6-inch mini’s I typically sell, and I have gotten requests before for 6×8-inch mini’s. So glad to add this to the array of minibooks–it really is a very versatile form of memory-keeping!


Once I photograph the complete kits, I will post some peeks!!


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