The Grateful Tree


For the month of November, we did pretty much the same thing as last year, just a different place to hang. It made a pretty good dining room centerpiece; you just had to be careful if you leaned across the table… might poke your eye out. : )



grateful tree- filled


The girls LOVED this! Throughout November (not every night), we’d each choose a blank leaf during dinner, and we would share what we were thankful for that day.  I’d write it down for the girls. I love thatwhat the girls were thankful for was really a reflection of their personalities. Extrovert Anna thought of every person in her life to be thankful for (family, friends, friends, friends, friends…oh, and friends), while Noelle — an introvert and collector — shared how thankful she was for her ‘treasures’ (ballet shoes, Halloween bucket, her bed, etc.)… though once she exhausted that, she did say how thankful she was for her family! : )



2 responses to “The Grateful Tree

  1. I’m thankful for great ideas for next year!

  2. Love this Lacy, your family is just precious

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